Welcome to Brand You Development

Our Vision

BrandYou is a web and digital company that partners with your business.Together, we will execute your business ideas
into a creative digital marketing form.

  • We will develop your own unique plan.
  • We create a detailed advertisement plan using the existing plans that you have using brain V’s budget.
  • We will provide in-house coaching & guide you throughout your detailed plan and strategy program.
  • Online and Offline Marketing work Plan.
  • We analyse your current marketing activities and see which ones should be retained, and what new strategies we can implement via Project Management System.
  • Google Spread Sheet, DropBox and Folder System for all files related to your project
  • We identify your areas of improvement and develop a plan to cross sell and upsell.
  • We will develop your own KPI goals and conversions.

Key performance indicators plan for your Brand awareness conversion, Breakdown, Average orders
and Tracking for all of the below.

  • Data Gathering.
  • PPC Conversions.
  • Keyword Ranking.
  • Newsletters.
  • Website Analytics Performance.
  • Online and Offline Turnover.
  • Analysing Performance of the Campaigns.
  • All brand awareness measurements
  • Social Media Statistics, Post Performance, Advertisement Conversions and Prospecting Statistics.

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